New Trend on Amazon: Extreme Marketing with Book Description

The new trend is in: Put some eye candies in your Kindle Book Description. By default, the Kindle Book Description editor only accept plain text and a few safe markup tags. (h1, em, li etc.) If you need to put in a picture, a slideshow, you actually have to hack around to get the block of text into cooperating with your agenda.

This week, I took the time and created a picture insertion and a slideshow insertion as live demos for my fellow Indie authors who may wish to spice up or sexy up their Kindle book description.

For my Sci Fi Thriller The Cicada Survival Guide, one of the readers, an artist by the name of Shiloh Penfield has created a sketch for Mark Sullivan, who’s the main victim of Troma in my book. His visualizing of Mark may not represent how other readers see Mark in their mind’s eye, but it is unique enough to deserve a prime spot in the book’s description block. Click on the image below to see the Book Description with image in real action. Or you could just click here to get there.



For a book that relies on visual elements, the above simple image insertion into Kindle Book Description may leave a lot to be desired. So for my children’s illustration book, My Life as a Cicada, I have created a slideshow to showcase a few wonderful frames inside the book; the slideshow amounts to something flashier and sexier than Amazon’s own stoic “Look Inside” or Preview or Sampling. Plus it is more “in your face” right there under the Book Description, which most prospective buyers look through on their way to check other readers’ reviews. It’s attractive enough to entice a “what-the-heck” click. But once a visitor clicks on it, he or she will want to flip through all the frames and, therefore for us the author/publisher/marketers, mission is accomplished.

To see the Slideshow in a Kindle Book Description in action, please click on the screenshot below. Or you can simply click here to go there.



Next week, after the 4th of July holiday hiatus, I will demonstrate how to put an audio or a video clip inside an Amazon Kindle Book Description. Stay tuned.


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