New Trend on Amazon: Extreme Marketing with Book Description (Part 2)

Well, I promised that I would further push the limit before I left for the July 4th holiday. And here we go: Part 2 of Extreme Marketing with Book Description — Embed a YouTube video in your Book Description.

Seeing is believing. Click on the screenshot below to see my “How to Embed a YouTube Video in Your Kindle Book Description” demo:


Are you a believer now? It can be done! And easily! Connect with me if you want to find out how to get it done. Or hop on my Eigh! newsletter to get in touch with me. I will help you out.


2 thoughts on “New Trend on Amazon: Extreme Marketing with Book Description (Part 2)

  1. Hans Werscht

    Hey this book description is great,

    how the hell did you do this? Please mail me the sample Code.

    I will suggest your website to my audience!

    Thanks al lot.




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