KDP’s Best-Kept Secret: One Exception

The techniques introduced in KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description is rock solid and fool-proof. However, there is one peculiar circumstance that will fail it. This situation is described as follows:

When a KDP author has never published anything in print and his or her entire book collection in his or her AuthorCentral account consists of Kindle book only, Amazon’s book description rendering mechanism defaults to the Print route.(This is curious but true. ) The end result is that the techniques introduced in my book WILL NOT work in this particular case. The same phenomenon seems to happen to a book that only has a Kindle edition, even if the author of that book has print editions on other titles. The latter, however, does not happen consistently — many people with books that only have Kindle editions find the techniques working fine.

So please be aware, if you never have published any books in print and linked them to their Kindle counterparts, you cannot get the techniques to work with your Kindle book descriptions. If you intend to use the techniques on a book that only has a Kindle edition, please try the techniques out by downloading one of my description books that is on free download promotion.

If you are a KDP author who fit into that category, you should not purchase this book before you have print version books in your Author Central account.

If you do have print version books linked to their Kindle counterparts in your Author Central account, rest assured, the techniques introduced in my book is guaranteed to work.


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