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Don’t Get Mad, Get 80% Royalty

Still hot and toasty from my oven but already live on Amazon — “Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP.”

Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP

You can catch a sneak preview here:

Buyer Beware: You Will Never Settle for 70% Again!

Rock solid, unadulterated trade secret revealed in a step-by-step guide that’s intended for the go-getters only.

In no time, you will recover the small tuition you pay on this book with the 80% royalty you earn on every book you publish on KDP for the rest of your life.

Why don’t I sell the book at $5 a pop and sell thousands of copies? Won’t I make more that way?

Because I don’t want to have too many competitors out there.

The price of this book is a test in itself: To be a winner, you must first be smart enough to invest in a winner’s playbook.

M. Eigh

P.S.: Respond to me if interested. I offer a 50% discount to the people who contact me by email. (You will order from me, not from Amazon, to enjoy the half-off.)

Are You Ready to Be Inspired?

Word to Kindle: Secret Shortcuts

Word to Kindle: Secret Shortcuts

If yes, check out my book “Word to Kindle: Secret Shortcuts” at It’s today’s #1 New Hot Release on Amazon under the Authorship category:


It Does Not Get Much Better than This

Here’s the deal: My book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description has thirteen(13!) 5-star reviews on it; and tomorrow, Nov.13, it will be free for all to download!

Free period starts at 12:00 AM PST Wed. Nov.13.Do not miss it!

Free Book: KDP's Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description

Free Book: KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description

Amazon Has More Arrows in Its Quiver

If you ask me, I’d say Amazon moves like the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in WWII. I do not intend such an allegory to foretell Amazon’s fortune. By this analogy, I mean to emphasize the preemptive nature of Amazon’s strikes against its enemies.

Last night (Nov. 6, 2013,) Amazon strikes again by driving a dagger into LightningSource’s chest, as it officially waives the $25 charge for Extended Distribution for paperbacks published on CreateSpace’s POD (Print on Demand) platform.


As such, Amazon officially makes the CreateSpace platform completely FREE. Free means zero risk for the large horde of Indies or self-publishers whose paperback titles are not really selling well or selling at all. Free gets people to think “Why the hell not?” Free steals more publishers from CreateSpace’s competitors such as LightningSource.

Good Reasons to Join KDP Select

Have you read your KDP royalty spreadsheet carefully? If you have, you may have noticed a transaction type called “KOLL,” — “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.”

The wonderful thing about KOLL is the distorted reward to effort ratio. Say your ebook is priced at $0.99. You get a lousy $0.33 when you sell a copy. But when an Amazon Prime Member borrows a copy from you, Amazon rewards you through the KDP Select program a whopping $2.42! (Based on Sept. rate.) $2.42 translates into a sale of more than 7 copies of your $0.99.

And statistically, for most authors, your KOLL counts beat the combined sales of your book through B&N, Smashwords and all other minor channels.

So why not? Particularly when your book is priced at $0.99 or below $3.45 (that’s when a sale can break even with a borrow based on a 70% royalty rate.)

Personally, I wish there are more KOLL’s on my lower priced books than sales. If you ever come across with a book page on Amazon that screams “This book is free for Prime Members,” you now know why the author is doing that. KOLL is pronounced “Ka Ching!”

Starting this week, KDP also starts the “Countdown” promotion program which allows an author to lower a book’s price to a specified period of time for up to six days. This is offered as an alternative to the regular, know-to-everyone free promotion.

Say you have a book priced at $2.99 and you want to promote it by discounting it to a price of $0.99, Amazon will sell that book at $0.99 but still keep the 70% royalty rate you have elected for the price of $2.99. As we all know, if you price a book outright at $0.99, you are only eligible for a 30% royalty.

It looks like Amazon is putting money where its mouth it.

KDP’s Best-Kept Secret: One Exception

The techniques introduced in KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description is rock solid and fool-proof. However, there is one peculiar circumstance that will fail it. This situation is described as follows:

When a KDP author has never published anything in print and his or her entire book collection in his or her AuthorCentral account consists of Kindle book only, Amazon’s book description rendering mechanism defaults to the Print route.(This is curious but true. ) The end result is that the techniques introduced in my book WILL NOT work in this particular case. The same phenomenon seems to happen to a book that only has a Kindle edition, even if the author of that book has print editions on other titles. The latter, however, does not happen consistently — many people with books that only have Kindle editions find the techniques working fine.

So please be aware, if you never have published any books in print and linked them to their Kindle counterparts, you cannot get the techniques to work with your Kindle book descriptions. If you intend to use the techniques on a book that only has a Kindle edition, please try the techniques out by downloading one of my description books that is on free download promotion.

If you are a KDP author who fit into that category, you should not purchase this book before you have print version books in your Author Central account.

If you do have print version books linked to their Kindle counterparts in your Author Central account, rest assured, the techniques introduced in my book is guaranteed to work.


Likeable Marketing Begins at Your Amazon Page: How to Embed Facebook Likes in Book Descriptions

This book teaches you how to embed a Facebook box in your book description(See below inside the red border:)

This is an embedded Amazon Affiliate widget:

♥ Top Secret Revealed ♥
Guaranteed to work!

A book trailer:

A Javascript widget:

An iFrame, as shown below:

A Webinar on “How to Put an OPTIN Form on Kindle Book Pages”

A Few Updates from M. Eigh

There is a Webinar on Oct. 19, at 11 AM Eastern.

This will be a one-hour Webinar with 40 minutes dedicated to a walk-through on embedding an opt-in form and an jQuery picture slideshow, and 20 minutes to open mike Q&A.

Some of you have indicated interest in attending. For those of you who have not indicated, please drop me a note if you intend to attend, so I can send you an invite about a week prior to the event.

Those who have never contacted me, please use the form here to sign up

jQuery reference when expanding Kindle book description panel


Our “Readers of Secret” community is slowly getting bigger and members are trying out advanced stuff. This very valuable discovery is courtesy of Tali Carmi who succeeded in expanding her book description panel. She also embedded video’s in descriptive fields other than the default description field. We discovered, via Tali’s trial and error, that the latest jQuery framework, version 1.10 as cited as an example in my book, actually causes some unpredictable behavior of the description panel, when the page is busy (such as a video in From the Author or About the Author fields.)
Without getting into too much details, I could tell you that jQuery underwent major changes around version 1.9 and Amazon’s JavaScript SDK framework obviously has not caught. So if you ever — I hope not — encounter some strange behavior when expanding the description panel, downgrade the jQuery version. I recommend using the following much older version, to stay safe:

<script src=”//”></script>

One member asked me a question I do not have a good answer for


The question was: How do I print the book out? You know, when you are trying things out, you really would like the comfort of holding the manual in your hands and flipping back and forth as needed. Unfortunately, this is one area Amazon deliberately made it tough. There is no graceful way I know of to print from a device or from CloudReader.

As an alternative for people who really need the good old paper comfort, I am publishing out a paperback version that comes to about 120 pages on a small trim (about 5″ x 8″). I will also put the Kindle on Matchbook program so people who buy the paperback would also get the Kindle version free. I imagine only a small minority of people would actually want the paperback.

Please post a book review if you haven’t yet


I will do my best to provide support, education and other assistance to our community. I am trying my best to do my part. I am currently experimenting a special editor for you guys and if it comes to fruition, it will make HTML composition and double-encoding super easy and less labor-intensive.

But I need some incentives. I need more people to be aware of the book and be readers of the book. And you can help me achieve that; hence helping yourself to get continued and better support from me.

Please, if you have used the book, or simply read it, I ask you to please post a book review. As we all know, the number of reviews matters when it comes to a Kindle book. I have many plans for future free supplements to the community. Please help make that a reality by posting a review today.

And for those of you who have posted a review, please note that you are eligible for a 3-month trial of my next big product — Kindle book page analytics which track your book page views, and critical clicks such as sample downloads, buy button, gift copy and customer reviews. I know, I am truly excited about it.

And this 3-month free service is not a bribery or solicitation because you have already provided the reviews.

Let’s work together and make our KDP publishing a rewarding hobby or, potentially, a career!


M. Eigh