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Free Book: Social Networking inside Your Kindle Book Description

My new title “Social Networking inside Your Kindle Book Description” will be free on Amazon for download Monday through Friday this week, for a total of five days. It’s here

Those who know this method can do much much more than those who don't. It's just as simple as that.

Rock solid trade secret. No BS.

This book walks you through the steps taken to embed social networking widgets into your Kindle book description, as shown on this very Kindle book description you are looking at. Go to the book page at and click on the Tweet Box and Facebook Post Box below and social share buttons floating on the right. They are live widgets, not some fancy static images to fool you.

The fundamental technique used in setting these social networking widgets up—a trade secret—is introduced in my bestseller KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description. If you have already downloaded the “Secret,” there is absolutely no need to download this one.

The “Secret” book is at


Rock solid trade secret. No BS.

The unique and secret method introduced in this book does not involve any security exploits; it does not use any 3rd party tools to bypass Amazon’s routine book data entry Web interface. Overall, there is nothing illicit about this method. Everything the authors enter under this method go through Amazon’s routine sanitizer. There is no cheating involved.

Those who know this method can do much much more than those who don’t. It’s just as simple as that.

Book trailer:

Why Indie Authors Should Still Do KDP Select Free Promo

I truly believe that nobody can twist the arms of those who are not willing to pay for ebooks to actually pay for your ebooks. Those people will always hunt for freebies. And if the freebies are NOT available, they will check Torrent and download the pirated copies free anyway. It happened with many of my books.

With those free-loaders and hoarders, you can’t win. But the point of KDP Select is to build a lot of affiliation. If a book of yours does not sell and you do not promote it through KDP Select promo, it will just be sitting there pretty by itself. Very few people will ever stumble on it since it will not pop up in any category ranking (Amazon only list the top 100 best sellers of each category.)

On the contrary, when your book takes a ride on a KDP freebie promo, it builds extensive, random affiliation, such as “Buyers who viewed Joyland also viewed [insert your book title here]” or “Buyers who have purchased Fifty Shades of Grey also bought [insert your book title here]” (since free downloads are considered “Amazon verified purchase” in Amazon’s book.)

The rest is statistics. If one out of one hundred of those random affiliation brings you one sale after the promo and you have had three hundred free download, you will sell three copies. Math will never disappoint you. That’s why you want more people to download your book when it is free. In this hypothetical example of one to one hundred sales to freebies ration, three thousand downloads will give you 30 sales.

Of course, you can do a lot to maximize the return of these free downloads, particularly during the downloaders’ visits to your book page.

I wrote a book recently to discuss the wonderful and effective things you could do to retain the visitors’ attention and also sell them your non-freebie title, or at least to try the free samples.

Take a glance of my book on this subject to see if it can be of any value to you:

How to Embed a Facebook Post Box in Your Kindle Book Description

View a live demo here.

Now I will walk you through the steps of getting your Facebook Post box, which pertains to one specific post of yours, embedded in Kindle book description. The type or types of the Facebook box(es) you choose to embed in your book description is of no importance to our discussion in this chapter.

a)      Visit Facebook’s social plugin page at From the left nave choose “Embedded posts.”


b)      Once I supply my Facebook post’s URL, the widget becomes live:


c)      Click on the “Get Code” and you will be presented with the code block. Make sure that the HTML5 tab is active. Other formats work as well but for the purpose of embedding the widget into Amazon’s book field, HTML5 is the most suitable:


You have probably noticed that Facebook’s widget code, just like that of Twitter, features simple HTML but fairly convoluted Javascript:

<div class=”fb-post” data-href=” //″></div>
<div id=”fb-root”></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
js = d.createElement(s); = id;
js.src = “//″;
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));</script>
Once again, we are forced to interpret and re-write the code. For a detailed discussion on how such Javascript should be rewritten, please refer to Chapter Twelve of my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.

From here on we just need to follow the same procedure detailed in Chapter Five of my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description. And voila, we have the Facebook Post Box in a book field:


Let me also point it out to you: Every step of the way throughout the above process, I have to vigilantly strip off the “http:” or “https:” part of a URLs referenced in the widgets’ code block. By default, all the URLs in the code block you obtain from Twitter or Facebook contains such strings. Do not forget to strip them off, or else your widget cannot be rendered in your book page.

For a more in-depth explanation this unique deal-breaker, please read my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.

KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed Is Now a Bestseller on Amazon

As of this morning, my new release—KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description—is now the #7 bestseller on Amazon under the Web Marketing category:

Embedded image permalink

It’s also listed as the #2 Hot New Release under the same category:

Embedded image permalink

It looks like the words are out and KDP authors and self-publishers are beginning to see the value of my Kindle Book Description on Steroids.

New Trend on Amazon: Extreme Marketing with Book Description (Part 2)

Well, I promised that I would further push the limit before I left for the July 4th holiday. And here we go: Part 2 of Extreme Marketing with Book Description — Embed a YouTube video in your Book Description.

Seeing is believing. Click on the screenshot below to see my “How to Embed a YouTube Video in Your Kindle Book Description” demo:


Are you a believer now? It can be done! And easily! Connect with me if you want to find out how to get it done. Or hop on my Eigh! newsletter to get in touch with me. I will help you out.


New Trend on Amazon: Extreme Marketing with Book Description

The new trend is in: Put some eye candies in your Kindle Book Description. By default, the Kindle Book Description editor only accept plain text and a few safe markup tags. (h1, em, li etc.) If you need to put in a picture, a slideshow, you actually have to hack around to get the block of text into cooperating with your agenda.

This week, I took the time and created a picture insertion and a slideshow insertion as live demos for my fellow Indie authors who may wish to spice up or sexy up their Kindle book description.

For my Sci Fi Thriller The Cicada Survival Guide, one of the readers, an artist by the name of Shiloh Penfield has created a sketch for Mark Sullivan, who’s the main victim of Troma in my book. His visualizing of Mark may not represent how other readers see Mark in their mind’s eye, but it is unique enough to deserve a prime spot in the book’s description block. Click on the image below to see the Book Description with image in real action. Or you could just click here to get there.



For a book that relies on visual elements, the above simple image insertion into Kindle Book Description may leave a lot to be desired. So for my children’s illustration book, My Life as a Cicada, I have created a slideshow to showcase a few wonderful frames inside the book; the slideshow amounts to something flashier and sexier than Amazon’s own stoic “Look Inside” or Preview or Sampling. Plus it is more “in your face” right there under the Book Description, which most prospective buyers look through on their way to check other readers’ reviews. It’s attractive enough to entice a “what-the-heck” click. But once a visitor clicks on it, he or she will want to flip through all the frames and, therefore for us the author/publisher/marketers, mission is accomplished.

To see the Slideshow in a Kindle Book Description in action, please click on the screenshot below. Or you can simply click here to go there.



Next week, after the 4th of July holiday hiatus, I will demonstrate how to put an audio or a video clip inside an Amazon Kindle Book Description. Stay tuned.


You know some basic html and Javascript and would like jump on the “Extreme Marketing with Kindle Book Description” bandwagon? Scroll down and sign up with my A (Eigh!) Newsletter. I will release a DIY kit soon. Don’t know any coding and don’t feel like messing around with coding? No worry, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or G+ and we’ll work out an arrangement for me to be your slave labor.

But you can’t wait? You want litter your Book Descriptions with eye candies right away? Text me at 571-488-1568. You can try calling but I do not pick up much. It’s safer to text.