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Learn to Self-Publish Paperbacks and eBooks in 60 Minutes ★ One on One w/ Expert

My name is M. Eigh and I’m a well established author with numerous publication credits, via established commercial outlets and self-publishing. Just Google my name or search my name in Amazon Kindle store and you will get a sense how well-established I am.

I’ve done so many self-publishing for myself and other poeple that I can do it with my eyes closed.

After this one-hour class with me, you will be able to do self-publishing on your own.

For this class to work, you need the following BASIC qualifications:

  • Common office worker level proficiency with Microsoft Word
  • Have used an eReader device before (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.)
  • Have an account
  • Able to stay with scheduled program and follow instructions

Please note the following before you bid on this auction:

  • The course will happen at a mutually agreed-upon time
  • Course will be conducted on Skype or GoToMeetings
  • I will email a checklist of simple tasks to the winning bidder. These are very simple tasks such as opening a free Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account, downloading eBook conversion software etc. In order for the class to be effective, you should complete these simple tasks beforehand.
  • Have a manuscript in Microsoft Word format ready. If you do not have one ready for publishing, you may choose to use a document of yours for testing. The focus of this class is a walk-through on the publishing process, not to get a specific book published. (It is not possible to see a book published in 60 minutes. Most systems takes 12 hours or more.)

And last but not least this is a one-on-one class and only the winning bidder will be accommodated.

Submit your bid at Good luck bidding!

One of the Best Kept Secret …

Amazon Has More Arrows in Its Quiver

If you ask me, I’d say Amazon moves like the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in WWII. I do not intend such an allegory to foretell Amazon’s fortune. By this analogy, I mean to emphasize the preemptive nature of Amazon’s strikes against its enemies.

Last night (Nov. 6, 2013,) Amazon strikes again by driving a dagger into LightningSource’s chest, as it officially waives the $25 charge for Extended Distribution for paperbacks published on CreateSpace’s POD (Print on Demand) platform.


As such, Amazon officially makes the CreateSpace platform completely FREE. Free means zero risk for the large horde of Indies or self-publishers whose paperback titles are not really selling well or selling at all. Free gets people to think “Why the hell not?” Free steals more publishers from CreateSpace’s competitors such as LightningSource.