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Now You See Me: Marketing Your Paperbacks on Amazon

No, I’m not talking about the Woody Harrison hit movie “Now You See Me,” I am talking about linking the paperback
edition of your book with the Kindle edition of your book through Amazon’s Author Central.

I always thought that it was a neat feature. There, the paperback and Kindle versions of your book are listed together in the “Format” box. If a buyer is interested in buying the paperback, he or she can easily click to switch. Right? Wrong!

One day in mid-October I received an email from a buyer who says she wishes there is a print version on one of my title. I was like, “Well, my friend, the paperback version is listed right there. Are you blind?”

Of course, I was just mumbling to myself, not really to the buyer. To her, I apologized profusely and gave her the link to the paperback. This, of course, could not have happened had I not embedded an optin or “Contact Me” form in my book description. (Embedding an optin form in your book description is one humble but tangible benefit of the techniques introduced in KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.)

Ever since then I started putting in explicit callout to paperbacks in my Kindle book description. For example, you can see an example in My Life as a Cicada and KDP’s Best Secret.

The result has been remarkable. I’ve done a pretty lousy job with the marketing of My Life as a Cicada. Despite being professionally done in every aspect, the book has never gained any traction with the market. For October to date, I’ve only sold one copy of the Kindle edition, along with a whopping 4 (Four!) copies of paperbacks! I’m absolutely certain the 4 paperback sales would never have happened had I not emphasized the existence of paperbacks with the eye candies in my Kindle book description.

With KDP’s Best Secret, I’ve managed to sell 3 copies of paperback in US and 1 copy in UK. Now this is a very unlikely candidate for print buyers as all the buyers of this book are ebook publishers who use ereaders regularly. Some of them chose the paperbacks simply because I’ve made a special mention of it in my book description.

The above trick is extremely applicable when you put the Kindle edition of your book on KDP Select Free Promotions. While you are giving away the Kindle copies, there may just be a few readers who will buy the paperback version, if you put the reminder in their face, as I am doing on the following book pages: