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FREE BOOK on Amazon: “My Life is as a Cicada”


“My Life as a Cicada” by M. Eigh, free on Amazon June 21, 2013

There has been way too much hype. There has been way too much contagious emtomophobia spreading in the American populace. What is the big deal about the swarm of cicadas? Why is it that everyone feels so justified on Twitter, Facebook or other social media when they express their disgust toward the cicadas?

Confucius told us to rejoice when a visitation from afar is upon us. There is a great deal of wisdom in his advice: there is always a reason for something to be here with us, to be our company, or simply to be in our way. There is a great deal of logic in the way nature dictates how everything work together, how we humans and other animals fit into the food chain. If God created us, he/she also created cicadas. Much as we humans have a reason to be here, cicadas do too.

With “My Life as a Cicada,” I want to show the vulnerability of this bug; the vulnerability of all life forms. This book elegantly illustrates the fascinating life cycle of cicadas along the plot of a dramatized story: the long journey of a cicada nymph trapped underground for seventeen years; the friendly and hostile subterranean creatures he encounters; and last but not least, his triumphant debut in the above-ground world of the sun, the moon and open air to fly in.

This book portrays the natural drama that transpires in a periodical cicada’s mysterious life cycle. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this book has about 20 pictures, and that’s worth 20,000 words!

You will love it. Your kids will love it!