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Made in China: the Man-eating Escalator



A tragedy of biblical proportion happened in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China on 7/26/2015. A 30-year-old young mother took her toddler son for an escalator ride in a shopping mall. That short ride landed her in the meat-grinding under-belly of the escalator. She was dead in 8 seconds.

But this video captured her brilliant toss that saved her son. Hats off to a mother’s instinct and sacrifice.

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No. 2 Hot New Release on Amazon: Revolution Is a Dinner Party

J. Chambers (Georgia, United States) who wears a few highly coveted Amazon badges such as “HALL OF FAME REVIEWER,” “TOP 10 REVIEWER” and “REAL NAME” recently gave my book “Revolution Is a Dinner Party — Rogue Pluralism in China” a 5-star rating. You can read his review here:



The book is the # 2 Hot New Release on Amazon today under Chinese History:

Revolution Is a Dinner Party -- Rogue Pluralism in China

Revolution Is a Dinner Party — Rogue Pluralism in China


It’s got 7 reader reviews, with two 5-stars, four 4-stars and one 3-star. Check it out at

US Senators Refuse to Give China Face

Influential US senators have showed their support in a provision that grants 5,000 visa to Tibetan refuges living in India and Nepal. This provision will be included as an amendment in the landmark immigration reform bill still under debate. The amendment, offered by Senator Dianne Feinstein and cosponsored by Chairman Patrick Leahy and Senator Chuck Schumer, was approved by voice vote and included in the immigration reform bill currently under consideration in the US Senate.

This is more or less a slap across China’s face; and the timing is adding insult to an injury as China’s newly installed President Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet President Obama in a couple of weeks at the Leonore Annenberg estate in California. In fact, slapping China across the face for the sake of Tibet may have been the senators’ intention. As republican Senator Chuck Grassley put it, “On this issue I don’t mind irritating China,” according to a GlobaPost report. (See details here.)

This is more or less a direct reaction to about 110 Tibetans losing their lives to self-immolation in protest of Chinese rule since 2009. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been accused by the Chinese government for encouraging self-immolation. At the same time, the Dalai Lama has not called upon his people to stop such self-sacrifice, though many believe that he has the power to stop it. Washington Post’s columnist Sally Quinn has recently peeled open the complexity of this issue in her opinion piece titled “The Dalai Lama’s compassion disconnect.”

Self-immolation weighs heavy on everyone’s mind. It’s just such a horrific scene to behold, such a gruesome tale to regale. In the title story of my short fiction collection, “Bitter Tea and Braided Hair,” I made a valiant attempt to depict one such incident. And apparently it’s done a good job telling a difficult story, because multiple online ezines have re-printed it and it has also been turned into a Podcast. You owe yourself to check it out:

Ironically, even with such affirmative advantage, we will see far fewer Tibetan immigrate to US than Chinese. First off, compared to the Tibetans, there is a much larger Chinese diaspora population in US which sponsors far more legal Chinese immigrants than Tibetan ones. Secondly, swarms of rich Chinese are buying their way into US.

Each year, the US Congress grants 12,000 permanent green cards to foreigners who invest a minimum of $500,000 in US, in a business that creates no less than 10 new jobs. In the fiscal year of 2012, the US issued roughly 8500 such millionaire-investor visas. Guess what? 80% of those were given to investors from China. The Chinese are picking up these green cards like you and I are picking up a chicken salad sandwich from our local deli. It has gotten to such crazy level that the US congress has been talking about capping the visas given to Chinese millionaires with a “China quota.”

You can find this and other fascinating stories about China in my book “Revolution Is a Dinner Party — Rogue Pluralism in China.”

Free Book on Amazon: The Cicada Survival Guide


Any day now, billions of winged insects will rise up and swarm over the entire East Coast? Are we ready?

Troma is ready for us. She’s been underground for 17 years, while inside of her a deadly virus is slowly turning this queen cicada into a cannibalistic mastermind with one goal: To infect the human race.

It’s them against us in this fun sci-fi novella, which also includes the adventures of a CIA agent, Russian counterspy and unlucky FBI officer as they battle the swarm. Recipes are included for those inclined to culinary adventure.

Thank you for your consideration. Info about the book is here

About the author:

M. Eigh was born in China and, before getting an MBA, he received a BSc from China’s prestigious Tsinghua University, where most modern day Chinese ruling elites obtain their academic pedigree. But the alma mater is about the only thing he has in common with the techno-dictators of today’s China.

In his younger days, M. Eigh was a published poet in Chinese; at the age of fifteen, he won the first-place award in a prefecture-wide youth literature competition. He can be found at

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“This author wrote an excellent novella in a unique way.”

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Charity Starts from a Deep Pocket

In his 2010 People’s Choice Awards acceptance speech, Keith Urban blared out: “I don’t even care if you guys download my music illegally. I really don’t care. …”

At the time when I heard it on TV, I was quite impressed. After all, what connects him and his fans or audience is the music they all love. He was extending his charity to people on the worng side of the moral divide, to people who stole from him. It’s noblesse oblige.

It also reflected wisdom. After all, people who are hell-bent to steal will steal. People who can’t afford to pay have to steal. There are also people who can afford to buy, but given the chance to steal, may opt to steal. Sometimes, you just have to turn a blind eye on things. You can’t take what what’s right and what’s wrong too seriously. There is an ancient Chinese saying: If a body of water is purified, no fish can survive in it; if a man is morally viglant to the extreme, he has no firends. Keith Urban’s got it. Or as the buddhists may put it: he has seen it through.

It all sounded good to me, until today. I googled my own name “M. Eigh” this morning and a dozen piracy sites popped up, offering torrents(peer-hosted free downloads) of my books. “The Cicada Survival Guide,” “Bitter Tea and Braided Hair” and “Revolution Is a Dinner Party — Rogue Pluralism in China” are all in the offer. That’s when I realized that Keith Urban’s nonchalance comes at a steep sticker price. And when it is you who have to pay that price, it is not easy to feel as charitable as Mr. Keith Urban.

I’m not a rich man. Far from it. I could use the sales that have been lost to those free download. On the other hand, some of those who download my books free are from China, where a mere $2.99 translates to about ¥20 which is more than what a regular trade paperback book costs in China. Plus, due to government censorship, these books are not available in regular online market places like Amazon. And yet plus again, most Chinese do not have a foreign bank issued credit card and are not able to pay for foreign online purchases. Those are people who would never buy my books. For what it is worth, I am mighty glad that they get a chance to download and read them.

Against this backdrop, I’ve come to appreciate more the $0.99 or $2.99 they spent on my books. When they buy a book by M. Eigh, they are not only engaging in a generous act, but also a righteous one. To those who have ever purchased my books (the ebooks online and the paperbacks in Metro stations and parks,) I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Check out my humble Amazon author page when you get a chance:

China’s Official Survey Turns into a Huge Embarrassment

Full details of this story and many other fascinating tales of China can be found in “Revolution Is a Dinner Party.”

When it comes to China’s political theater, one can safely say that it is all the same old drama. What has changed appears to be the audience’s attitude. In a very recent rude awakening, the Chinese Communist Party learned just how unsympathetic the Chinese people have become toward the Party. On April 15, 2013, “People’s Forum”, an online forum managed by the Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily, put out a multiple choice survey on question about “Confidence, beliefs and ideology.” But they made a serious mistake by providing “I don’t agree” answer as one of the choices. The survey result was so embarrassingly bad that the survey was promptly pulled down and its result wiped out, but not before some netizens captured some damaging screenshots.

The survey result is translated as follows:

1. Do you agree that the Chinese Communist Party has enough
courgage and wisdom to push forward the Reform?
Votes Percentage
i) I Agree Completely 170 7.41%
ii) I Agree 135 5.88%
iii) I am Not Sure 304 13.25%
iv) I Disagree 1685 73.45%
2. Do you agree with the assertion that “Adhere to and
develop Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is in the fundamental interest
of the vast majority of the people?”
Votes Percentage
i) I Agree Completely 120 5.25%
ii) I Agree 103 4.51%
iii) I am Not Sure 207 9.06%
iv) I Disagree 1856 81.19%
3. Do you agree with the assertion that “Only the Chinese
Communist Party is capable of leading us on the journey to develop Socialism
with Chinese Characteristics?”
Votes Percentage
i) I Agree Completely 110 4.80%
ii) I Agree 96 4.18%
iii) I am Not Sure 194 8.46%
iv) I Disagree 1894 82.56%
4. What do you think of the “One party rules while multiple
parties participate” system?
Votes Percentage
i) I Agree Completely 159 6.93%
ii) I Agree 124 5.41%
iii) I am Not Sure 177 7.72%
iv) I Disagree 1833 79.94%
The original survey result, which was swiftly wiped out from the Forum, is captured in a screenshot as below:

Details of this story and many other fascinating tales of China can be found in “Revolution Is a Dinner Party.”