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Don’t Get Mad, Get 80% Royalty

Still hot and toasty from my oven but already live on Amazon — “Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP.”

Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP

You can catch a sneak preview here:

Buyer Beware: You Will Never Settle for 70% Again!

Rock solid, unadulterated trade secret revealed in a step-by-step guide that’s intended for the go-getters only.

In no time, you will recover the small tuition you pay on this book with the 80% royalty you earn on every book you publish on KDP for the rest of your life.

Why don’t I sell the book at $5 a pop and sell thousands of copies? Won’t I make more that way?

Because I don’t want to have too many competitors out there.

The price of this book is a test in itself: To be a winner, you must first be smart enough to invest in a winner’s playbook.

M. Eigh

P.S.: Respond to me if interested. I offer a 50% discount to the people who contact me by email. (You will order from me, not from Amazon, to enjoy the half-off.)

Thou Shalt Cast Thy Dragnet: Making Money Everyday with Amazon Affiliate

Most Indie authors or self publishers don’t do the math carefully, or not at all. They are hell-bent on selling their own books, even when their own books are slow movers. Some even throw money at their problem by trusting the old-school adage: Money begets money. They spend money to promote free download, sponsoring physical book giveaway and etc.

To them I say: Wake up! I’d like to paraphrase Walter Hagen’s famous advice to the average golfers but could not come up with anything brilliant. So I’m just gonna serve it to you straight up: “Don’t hurry, don’t worry, you’re only here for a short visit, so be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

What I mean to say it this: Don’t forget the obvious. If your purpose of working so hard and trying so hard to make some money, why do you leave the easy money on the table? The easy money, is courtesy of Amazon’s Affiliate program. Take a look at the following screenshot of my one day earning out of Amazon Affiliate. It’s not enough to cover the bread and butter for a family, but it is money I did not have to break a sweat for:


How did I achieve such decent Affiliate income? You may ask. “By casting a dragnet,” I answer. I never give out a product or book link without embedding my Amazon Affiliate id in the url’s. Most of us tweet and do Facebook post or Google plus or Instagram. But whatever you do, do not simply pass on a product or book url verbatim. You make the 30 second effort to change the url so that it contains your Amazon Affiliate ID. Over time, your dragnet will be ready. The web will be littered with links that bear your Amazon Affiliate id’s. Someone somewhere sometime will stumble on one of them. That person will follow your link to Amazon and end up buying something, sending advertisement money into your pocket.

Still not clear? Allow me to give you an example. Suppose you heard a nasty rumor John Grisham did not really write Sycamore Row, his Guatemalan cleaning lady did it and Mr. Grisham bought the manuscript for a whopping $50. Upon hearing such crazy rumor, you did not really find it credible, but still feel the urge to yak about it on social networking sites. So you tweet and Facebook post it and blast it out everywhere you have a presence. In so doing, you also give out the Amazon product link to Sycamore Row. Now how you construct that link is the key criterion that separates the boys from the men and the girl scouts from the ladies who are “leaning in.” A man would give out the link as I do here:

Go ahead, dare me, make my day by clicking on the book link and buy it. The moment you click on the buy button Amazon will credit me with $0.84. Even if you change your mind and wonder off this book and end up in Amazon’s household goods area and buy a giant bag of cat litter for $24, I still get credited for about $1.68.

And for an Indie author or self publisher, where do you get most of your Amazon traffic? Your own book pages, of course, particularly on the free promotion days of your books. Put a few slick Amazon Affiliate widgets in your book descriptions. List Amazon’s best sellers or your own best sellers in addition to that one book you are marketing. Send them somewhere else on Amazon. But send them with your own “GPS Tracking” on them — your sacred Amazon Affiliate tracking id with them. No matter where they go and what they buy on Amazon, they are your bitches. You benefit from every penny the spend.

How do you embed an Amazon Affiliate widget in your book description? Good question. And I have an equally good answer for it. It’s all explained in KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description. If you have not gotten yourself a copy yet, do yourself a favor and get it.

KDP’s Best-Kept Secret: One Exception

The techniques introduced in KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description is rock solid and fool-proof. However, there is one peculiar circumstance that will fail it. This situation is described as follows:

When a KDP author has never published anything in print and his or her entire book collection in his or her AuthorCentral account consists of Kindle book only, Amazon’s book description rendering mechanism defaults to the Print route.(This is curious but true. ) The end result is that the techniques introduced in my book WILL NOT work in this particular case. The same phenomenon seems to happen to a book that only has a Kindle edition, even if the author of that book has print editions on other titles. The latter, however, does not happen consistently — many people with books that only have Kindle editions find the techniques working fine.

So please be aware, if you never have published any books in print and linked them to their Kindle counterparts, you cannot get the techniques to work with your Kindle book descriptions. If you intend to use the techniques on a book that only has a Kindle edition, please try the techniques out by downloading one of my description books that is on free download promotion.

If you are a KDP author who fit into that category, you should not purchase this book before you have print version books in your Author Central account.

If you do have print version books linked to their Kindle counterparts in your Author Central account, rest assured, the techniques introduced in my book is guaranteed to work.


How to Embed Twitter on Your Kindle Book Page: Top Secret Free for All

This book will be free for you to download Tuesday through Wednesday. Spread the word, let your fellow authors enjoy the free download too!

~ M. Eigh

Artwork for Get Twitter Followers While Selling Your Books: How to Embed a Tweet Box in Your Book Description

Get Twitter Followers While Selling Your Books: How to Embed a Tweet Box in Your Book Description
by M. Eigh


I want to thank Eigh for creating this book.



Free on Amazon: How to Embed Social Share Buttons in Your Kindle Book Pages

An exciting new book from M. Eigh, FREE for you.

Hi guys,

M. Eigh has just released a new book, titled How to Embed Social Share Buttons in Your Kindle Book Pages. To show my heartfelt appreciation for your purchase of my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description, I’m offering this book free to you.

The book is here: It will be free for two days, starting midnight Pacific Sunday till midnight Pacific Monday.

I know we live in a viral society and Amazon does not offer a mechanism for me to control who can enjoy the free download, so some people who have not purchased “Secret” will enjoy the free download too. So you might as well do your friends a favor and let them know.

But rest assured that this book is by no means going to devalue the “Secret” book you have bought. That is still and will always be the bible of Kindle book description, forever the holy grail.

So, don’t miss the free download. And if you have enjoyed my books and benefited form the know-how’s in it, please post a review on the book’s Amazon pages. One good turn deserves another, from an Indie to another Indie.


M. Eigh

Copyright © 2013 M. Eigh, All rights reserved.

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A Secret about Author Central KDP Support Does Not Want You to Know

If your current Author Central account is not with, but with one of the following instead:


You should immediately open another Author Central account with to gain the full  range of editing access to your books’ details. An Author Central account established with allows you to have up to three noms de plume. Different noms de plume come handy when you write books that cross categories or genre drastically. For example, if you are quite established on political science but all of a sudden want to try your hand on paranormal romance, you are probably better off publishing your experimental romance under a different name than the one that appears on your political science books, lest you startle your readers and lose their loyalty.

However, the more important advantage you gain with an Author Central account with is the access to edit the descriptive details of all your books affiliated with all your noms de plume. Seeing is believing. The following screenshot comparison, courtesy of UK-based author Mr. Philip Henly, should be able to convince you:

The first screenshot shows the book detail interface when Phlip logs into his Author Central account with


There does not appear anything editable there.

The second screenshot shows you what Philip gets when he log into his Author Central account with He gets tabs of editing interface: Editorial Reviews, Book Details and Book Extras, each of which presents multiple editable fields.


Last but not least, you get separate three-tab editing access to a different edition (a.k.a., format. such as paperback or audio,) as shown in the third screenshot:


You can do wonders with these three editing tabs. (For details on that, check out my latest popular book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.)

So if your KDP home base is not, start by opening an Author Central account with

So do yourself a favor, open up an Author Central account with today. And if you are serious about taking advantage of this secret tunnel to book marketing, read KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.

Free Book: Social Networking inside Your Kindle Book Description

My new title “Social Networking inside Your Kindle Book Description” will be free on Amazon for download Monday through Friday this week, for a total of five days. It’s here

Those who know this method can do much much more than those who don't. It's just as simple as that.

Rock solid trade secret. No BS.

This book walks you through the steps taken to embed social networking widgets into your Kindle book description, as shown on this very Kindle book description you are looking at. Go to the book page at and click on the Tweet Box and Facebook Post Box below and social share buttons floating on the right. They are live widgets, not some fancy static images to fool you.

The fundamental technique used in setting these social networking widgets up—a trade secret—is introduced in my bestseller KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description. If you have already downloaded the “Secret,” there is absolutely no need to download this one.

The “Secret” book is at


Rock solid trade secret. No BS.

The unique and secret method introduced in this book does not involve any security exploits; it does not use any 3rd party tools to bypass Amazon’s routine book data entry Web interface. Overall, there is nothing illicit about this method. Everything the authors enter under this method go through Amazon’s routine sanitizer. There is no cheating involved.

Those who know this method can do much much more than those who don’t. It’s just as simple as that.

Book trailer:

Why Indie Authors Should Still Do KDP Select Free Promo

I truly believe that nobody can twist the arms of those who are not willing to pay for ebooks to actually pay for your ebooks. Those people will always hunt for freebies. And if the freebies are NOT available, they will check Torrent and download the pirated copies free anyway. It happened with many of my books.

With those free-loaders and hoarders, you can’t win. But the point of KDP Select is to build a lot of affiliation. If a book of yours does not sell and you do not promote it through KDP Select promo, it will just be sitting there pretty by itself. Very few people will ever stumble on it since it will not pop up in any category ranking (Amazon only list the top 100 best sellers of each category.)

On the contrary, when your book takes a ride on a KDP freebie promo, it builds extensive, random affiliation, such as “Buyers who viewed Joyland also viewed [insert your book title here]” or “Buyers who have purchased Fifty Shades of Grey also bought [insert your book title here]” (since free downloads are considered “Amazon verified purchase” in Amazon’s book.)

The rest is statistics. If one out of one hundred of those random affiliation brings you one sale after the promo and you have had three hundred free download, you will sell three copies. Math will never disappoint you. That’s why you want more people to download your book when it is free. In this hypothetical example of one to one hundred sales to freebies ration, three thousand downloads will give you 30 sales.

Of course, you can do a lot to maximize the return of these free downloads, particularly during the downloaders’ visits to your book page.

I wrote a book recently to discuss the wonderful and effective things you could do to retain the visitors’ attention and also sell them your non-freebie title, or at least to try the free samples.

Take a glance of my book on this subject to see if it can be of any value to you:

How to Embed a Facebook Post Box in Your Kindle Book Description

View a live demo here.

Now I will walk you through the steps of getting your Facebook Post box, which pertains to one specific post of yours, embedded in Kindle book description. The type or types of the Facebook box(es) you choose to embed in your book description is of no importance to our discussion in this chapter.

a)      Visit Facebook’s social plugin page at From the left nave choose “Embedded posts.”


b)      Once I supply my Facebook post’s URL, the widget becomes live:


c)      Click on the “Get Code” and you will be presented with the code block. Make sure that the HTML5 tab is active. Other formats work as well but for the purpose of embedding the widget into Amazon’s book field, HTML5 is the most suitable:


You have probably noticed that Facebook’s widget code, just like that of Twitter, features simple HTML but fairly convoluted Javascript:

<div class=”fb-post” data-href=” //″></div>
<div id=”fb-root”></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
js = d.createElement(s); = id;
js.src = “//″;
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));</script>
Once again, we are forced to interpret and re-write the code. For a detailed discussion on how such Javascript should be rewritten, please refer to Chapter Twelve of my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.

From here on we just need to follow the same procedure detailed in Chapter Five of my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description. And voila, we have the Facebook Post Box in a book field:


Let me also point it out to you: Every step of the way throughout the above process, I have to vigilantly strip off the “http:” or “https:” part of a URLs referenced in the widgets’ code block. By default, all the URLs in the code block you obtain from Twitter or Facebook contains such strings. Do not forget to strip them off, or else your widget cannot be rendered in your book page.

For a more in-depth explanation this unique deal-breaker, please read my book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description.