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Amazon’s Biggest Single Day Loss … of Reviews by Its Top Ranking Reviewers

This is the weirdest day in Amazon’s history. Tens of thousands of reviews on books and other products alike by multiple top ranking reviewers got deleted this afternoon in a single sweep. Top ranking, hall of fame reviewers such as Grady Harp and J. Chambers, along with many others, all fell victims to this inexplicable, unannounced move.

If you have a book that had a review from one of those victimized top reviewers, well, tough luck! If you browse to your bookmarked review page, you are likely to see Amazon’s not-so-pretty 404 page:


What happened? Is this an intentional purge? If so, why did Amazon bite on the the very hand that feeds it? Or is it a algorithms jam that caused a internal server crash?

The jury’s still out. In the meantime, Amazon is still Amazon, just a few hundred thousands of reviews less!