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Fortune Loves Company: Two Books of Mine Become Hot New Releases on Amazon


Two Books by M. Eigh Become Hot New Releases on Amazon

Some times the wind breaks in my favor. Today is one of those days. Both How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Everyday (2.0) and How to Automate Everything You Do on the Web (2.0) are sitting pretty in the catbird’s seat: They are the # 2 and #3 Hot New Releases under “Internet Web Browsers” category on Amazon.

If you market your product on the web or simply blog and are anxious to get visitors, you owe yourself to check them out:

Don’t Get Mad, Get 80% Royalty

Still hot and toasty from my oven but already live on Amazon — “Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP.”

Ka-Ching! The 80% Royalty Formula for KDP

You can catch a sneak preview here:

Buyer Beware: You Will Never Settle for 70% Again!

Rock solid, unadulterated trade secret revealed in a step-by-step guide that’s intended for the go-getters only.

In no time, you will recover the small tuition you pay on this book with the 80% royalty you earn on every book you publish on KDP for the rest of your life.

Why don’t I sell the book at $5 a pop and sell thousands of copies? Won’t I make more that way?

Because I don’t want to have too many competitors out there.

The price of this book is a test in itself: To be a winner, you must first be smart enough to invest in a winner’s playbook.

M. Eigh

P.S.: Respond to me if interested. I offer a 50% discount to the people who contact me by email. (You will order from me, not from Amazon, to enjoy the half-off.)