As God Is My Witness, I Will Never Pay a Penny for Traffic Again!

FREE Download for All!

I want to drop you a quick note that my latest release, “How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Everyday,” will be FREE for you to download on Amazon starting 12:00 AM PST Monday.

This book will be free for about 24 hours or a little short of that. I’ve also only sent out notice to my loyal followers. If you happen to be interested in the subject, please do not miss it. Regular price for the book is $2.99.

The book can be downloaded free at And feel free let your
firends and fellow Indie authors know about this free download. I’ve published it so that people who are still paying for traffic do not have to waste their money any more.

What’s the book about:

What’s your website’s daily pageview count like? Not completely satisfied, or not satisfied at all?

You’re not alone. Millions of quality websites out there are like spinsters sitting in the corners of singles’ party, pining for some attention. On the web, attention can only come in one form – traffic. That’s why a site is rated by search engines by its daily pageview count, among many other things.

This book teaches you how to roll up your sleeves and generate unlimited FREE traffic, with the help of a great bot you can download free, while many others are still dishing out their hard-earned money to pay for traffic.

You will be excited about the prospect of an improved search engine ranking after you read my book. But what’s revealed in this little book is just the tip of the iceberg. In the battlefield of web marking with web bots, what you learn in this book is a beginner’s game. If you are serious about web marketing and you mean it when you say you want to sell your books or other products on the web, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of my other book,
Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots.

P.S.: If you altready own Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots, it is not necessary to download this book.

Thank you for your attention!

M. Eigh

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