Amazon Has More Arrows in Its Quiver

If you ask me, I’d say Amazon moves like the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in WWII. I do not intend such an allegory to foretell Amazon’s fortune. By this analogy, I mean to emphasize the preemptive nature of Amazon’s strikes against its enemies.

Last night (Nov. 6, 2013,) Amazon strikes again by driving a dagger into LightningSource’s chest, as it officially waives the $25 charge for Extended Distribution for paperbacks published on CreateSpace’s POD (Print on Demand) platform.


As such, Amazon officially makes the CreateSpace platform completely FREE. Free means zero risk for the large horde of Indies or self-publishers whose paperback titles are not really selling well or selling at all. Free gets people to think “Why the hell not?” Free steals more publishers from CreateSpace’s competitors such as LightningSource.

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