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Books Have Side Effects Too!

Books Have Side Effects Too!

For example, side effects of reading my book Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots include a sudden surge of self-esteem and unprecedented decisiveness in making marketing decisions. Also common are a lifetime addiction to web automation and web data scraping.


After reading this book, if you spend more than 4 hours with web bots a day, call a therapist right away.

It Does Not Get Much Better than This

Here’s the deal: My book KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description has thirteen(13!) 5-star reviews on it; and tomorrow, Nov.13, it will be free for all to download!

Free period starts at 12:00 AM PST Wed. Nov.13.Do not miss it!

Free Book: KDP's Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description

Free Book: KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description

As God Is My Witness, I Will Never Pay a Penny for Traffic Again!

FREE Download for All!

I want to drop you a quick note that my latest release, “How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic Everyday,” will be FREE for you to download on Amazon starting 12:00 AM PST Monday.

This book will be free for about 24 hours or a little short of that. I’ve also only sent out notice to my loyal followers. If you happen to be interested in the subject, please do not miss it. Regular price for the book is $2.99.

The book can be downloaded free at And feel free let your
firends and fellow Indie authors know about this free download. I’ve published it so that people who are still paying for traffic do not have to waste their money any more.

What’s the book about:

What’s your website’s daily pageview count like? Not completely satisfied, or not satisfied at all?

You’re not alone. Millions of quality websites out there are like spinsters sitting in the corners of singles’ party, pining for some attention. On the web, attention can only come in one form – traffic. That’s why a site is rated by search engines by its daily pageview count, among many other things.

This book teaches you how to roll up your sleeves and generate unlimited FREE traffic, with the help of a great bot you can download free, while many others are still dishing out their hard-earned money to pay for traffic.

You will be excited about the prospect of an improved search engine ranking after you read my book. But what’s revealed in this little book is just the tip of the iceberg. In the battlefield of web marking with web bots, what you learn in this book is a beginner’s game. If you are serious about web marketing and you mean it when you say you want to sell your books or other products on the web, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of my other book,
Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots.

P.S.: If you altready own Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots, it is not necessary to download this book.

Thank you for your attention!

M. Eigh

Amazon Has More Arrows in Its Quiver

If you ask me, I’d say Amazon moves like the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in WWII. I do not intend such an allegory to foretell Amazon’s fortune. By this analogy, I mean to emphasize the preemptive nature of Amazon’s strikes against its enemies.

Last night (Nov. 6, 2013,) Amazon strikes again by driving a dagger into LightningSource’s chest, as it officially waives the $25 charge for Extended Distribution for paperbacks published on CreateSpace’s POD (Print on Demand) platform.


As such, Amazon officially makes the CreateSpace platform completely FREE. Free means zero risk for the large horde of Indies or self-publishers whose paperback titles are not really selling well or selling at all. Free gets people to think “Why the hell not?” Free steals more publishers from CreateSpace’s competitors such as LightningSource.

Amazon Makes CreateSpace Extended Distribution Free

As of Nov. 5, 2013, Amazon has dropped the price of CreateSpace Extended Distribution to $0.00.

That’s right. It’s free now.

When you log into your CreateSpace account, look for the alert banner as shown below:


Indies and self-publishers, sign all your babies up!

Amazon Makes CreateSpace Extended Distribution Free

Amazon Makes CreateSpace Extended Distribution Free

If you actually do not know what this means, allow me to explain. Extended Distribution has been an option offered by CreateSpace at $25 per pop.

When you publish a paperback via CreateSpace, Amazon offers you three distribution channels free of charge. They are, Amazon Europe. CreateSpace eStore. These are pretty self-explanatory. When you elect to purchase the Extended Distribution, you will get three additional distribution channels: Bookstores and Online Retailers, Libraries & Academic Institutions, CreateSpace Direct.

Bookstores and Online Retailers include thousands of major online and offline bookstores and retailers. Your book automatically appears in major distributors catalog. For example, someone can browse Barnes & Noble and find your book.

Libraries & Academic Institutions include public libraries, elementary and secondary school libraries, and libraries at other academic institutions.

CreateSpace Direct makes it possible for your book to get in the hands of discount resellers who have engaged in partnership with CreateSpace. Amazon labeled them as certified resellers. They could be independent bookstores and book resellers. The CreateSpace Direct program allows eligible resellers to buy books at wholesale prices directly from CreateSpace. But when they discount your book’s price, you still get your preset royalty amount.

With Bookbub, Should I Do the Free or the 99¢?

So when you finally have a book likely to be accepted by Bookbub, should you choose to do the free give-away or the for-sale promotion (like the 99¢ discounted pricing)?

I get that question all the time. People over-think about strategy. Marketing is just like anything we do in life. There has to be an element of unknown. When a move carries a downside risk, it also intrinsically carries an upside risk.

With Bookbub, my vote is with the free choice. The Amazon algorithm is by “affiliation.” The more people download it when they do other things on Amazon, the greater the possibilities that more people may re-trace the same route to your book.

The “reading” part is irrelevant for mass marketing. Worry about that when you are doing target-marketing on GoodReads etc. People who download and never read will NEVER buy your book anyway. But when they download, they push up your book stats. God bless them. I wish there are a hundred thousand people download mine when it’s on promotion and never read. The stats influence the real target audience of your book.

I have two books on Kindle book marketing that you may find interesting:

Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots (Brand new, just out this morning.)

KDP’s Best-Kept Secret Revealed: How to Embed Videos and Widgets in Your Book Description (13 readers have given it 5-star so far.)

Both books contain a lot of secrets people who ask this typical Bookbub question may not know.

How to Sell Books with the Help of Web Bots

This one is fresh and hot from the oven. How to sell your books with the help of web bot.

Check it out everyone. You owe it to yourself to at least read the free sample: Whispers, Contagion & Espionage: Web Marketing with Bots

Good Reasons to Join KDP Select

Have you read your KDP royalty spreadsheet carefully? If you have, you may have noticed a transaction type called “KOLL,” — “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.”

The wonderful thing about KOLL is the distorted reward to effort ratio. Say your ebook is priced at $0.99. You get a lousy $0.33 when you sell a copy. But when an Amazon Prime Member borrows a copy from you, Amazon rewards you through the KDP Select program a whopping $2.42! (Based on Sept. rate.) $2.42 translates into a sale of more than 7 copies of your $0.99.

And statistically, for most authors, your KOLL counts beat the combined sales of your book through B&N, Smashwords and all other minor channels.

So why not? Particularly when your book is priced at $0.99 or below $3.45 (that’s when a sale can break even with a borrow based on a 70% royalty rate.)

Personally, I wish there are more KOLL’s on my lower priced books than sales. If you ever come across with a book page on Amazon that screams “This book is free for Prime Members,” you now know why the author is doing that. KOLL is pronounced “Ka Ching!”

Starting this week, KDP also starts the “Countdown” promotion program which allows an author to lower a book’s price to a specified period of time for up to six days. This is offered as an alternative to the regular, know-to-everyone free promotion.

Say you have a book priced at $2.99 and you want to promote it by discounting it to a price of $0.99, Amazon will sell that book at $0.99 but still keep the 70% royalty rate you have elected for the price of $2.99. As we all know, if you price a book outright at $0.99, you are only eligible for a 30% royalty.

It looks like Amazon is putting money where its mouth it.